Miss Gypsy Witt

Inducted 2011

As Castleton Farms began advertising their annual fall mixed sale, Robert Wand of Shullsburg made plans to attend, in hopes of adding that one special broodmare to his increasingly growing band of mares. The pedigree reader began tooting the horn of Miss Gypsy Witt, a daughter of Gypsy Bret, as she entered the ring and a few short bids later, the mare, who was in foal to the great Falcon Seelster, was her way back to Wisconsin where she was to spend the rest of her days.

As a race mare, she bankrolled over $50,000 and took a mark of 1:58.2 in the mid 1980’s and was quickly taken to the breeding shed which proved to be very beneficial for all. Miss Gypsy Witt had her first foal for Robert Wand and then co-owner, David Sullivan, in 1990, right in the back yard of the Wand residence.

The first of 8 Wisconsin-based foals proved to be the best as Gypsy Falcon went on to earn over $180,000 and take a mark of 1:53.3. In 1993, he paced the fastest last half of the year in the state of Wisconsin—:59.1 at the  Mineral Point Late Race Meet.

As the years went on, Miss Gypsy Witt foaled 7 more race horses that were trained at the rural Wisconsin training track. All of which made it to the races while all but one foal became victorious. She’s proven herself as a versatile producer (producing winners from 6 different stallions) and one that produces durable race horses (foals averaged over 100 starts each!).

Her Wisconsin-based foals have a combined bankroll of over a half a million dollars, and three of them went on to earn in excess of $100,000

each (Gypsy Falcon, $183,236; Wand’s High Gypsy, $121,771; Wand’s Banjo, $103,677, currently still racing at age 7). Wand’s High Gypsy was tied for 4th in the entire United States in 2005 for the number of wins (17) in a single season.

The Wisconsin Harness Horse Association saw all 8 foals race at some point on Wisconsin soil and bestowed Pacer of the Year honors to her final foal, Wand’s Banjo (2007) and Top Ten Pacing honors to Wand’s High Gypsy (2004) and Wand’s Little Gypsy (2005).

Wand Stables is now working with the 2nd generation of Miss Gypsy Witt babies as her offspring Ancient Gypsy is the proud dam of two winners, both of which began racing at the Southwest Wind-Up Circuit—Wand’s  Cowgirl, 1:53..4, $54,504 and Wand’s Little Alex, 1:51.3, $87,214. Wand’s Little Alex is also the 5th fastest horse to be bred by a Wisconsin resident and to have been trained and raced in the State of Wisconsin at some point during their career.

Very few mares have matched the versatility and durability of Miss Gypsy Witt. She has proved her offspring competitive not only in the State of Wisconsin, but on tracks all over the country from the Midwest to New York and extending to The Meadowlands in New Jersey.

Nominated by Gabe Wand
Miss Gypsy Witt p, 5, 1:58.2m $53,316
Miss Gypsy Witt was bred by Clair Witt from Harrison, Ohio
Bret Hanover
Gypsy Bret
Flying Gypsy
Miss Gypsy Witt
Walter McKlyo
Witty McKlyo
Sis Witt
Production Record
            Foal Name                   Sire                           Life Record      Life earnings
1988    Additup                       Handsome Sum       4, 1:55.3f         $28,016
1989    Will Peach Pie Do      Falcon Seelster        5, 1:55.1s         $86,484
1990    Gypsy Falcon             Falcon Seelster        6, 1:53.3s        $181,236
1992    Ancient Gypsy           Ancient Mariner      6, 1:56.3h       $33.823
1993    Wand’s Gypsy            Ancient Mariner      5, 1:55.1m      $72,153
1997    Wand’s New Gypsy  Bare Back Writer      5, 1:57.4h      $20,656
2000  Wand’s High Gypsy  Higher Authority     5, 1:54.2m     $121,771
2001   Wands Little Gypsy   Fighting Major        4, 2:08.4h      $ 897
2002   Wandsfightinggypsy Fighting Major                                $60
2004   Wand’s Banjo             Tribeca                       9, 1:51.4z      $131,900

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