Miss Bertha C

Inducted 2010

Miss Bertha C was bred and raced by D. C. Palmeter, who owned the Riverside Park Farm, a Standardbred breeding farm near Berlin, Wisconsin. Mr. Palmeter originally purchased Miss Bertha C’s dam, Marble and her grand dam Medioin Kentucky. When Marble entered the breeding ranks, she was matched with Palmeter’s stallion Baronmore that had already produced a Kentucky Futurity winner from Marble’s dam, Medio. The resulting foal was Miss Bertha C who was named after a daughter of Palmeter’s trainer, J.B. Chandler.

Miss Bertha C was foaled in 1906 and took a record of 2:10 ¼ winning the 5th heat of the Kentucky Futurity. Miss Bertha C was high strung, like her mother, and it is believed that her manners cost her the 1909 Kentucky Futurity. After finishing well back in the first four heats, Miss Bertha C decided to trot and easily won the fifth heat. While she had civilized manners on the track, it was a different proposition in the stall. Miss Bertha C carried her ears back and this became one of her trademarks. It was especially prominent when her driver had to go into the stall. Bertha allowed no strangers in her stall without a strong protest.

Miss Bertha C could trot all day. Her trainer, J.B. Chandler, was quite a wit and healways allowed that the mare was just too darn mean to get tired. She was one of the greatest three year olds in 1909 and was taken to Memphis, Tennessee for winter training where it appeared she was ready to trot in 2:07. Unfortunately the entire stable was taken sick with a virulent form of distemper and Mr. Palmeter decided to disperse of his stable. The horses were sent to the Old Glory auction in New York and Miss Bertha C was purchased and sent to Pennsylvania.

Horses that descend directly in maternal line to Miss Bertha C are among the greatest in the sport. They include Bret Hanover, Artsplace, Peace Corps, Cambest, Mack Lobell, American Winner, Green Speed, Arndon, Best of All, Blaze Hanover and Sir Dalrae.

At various times the fastest trotter and pacer in the sport have both descended from Miss Bertha C. Hanover Shoe Farms has the best group of broodmares in the sport and the most important building block of that group is Miss Bertha Dillon–a daughter of Wisconsin bred, trained and raced–Miss Bertha C.

Nominated by Dave Dahms

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